Before purchase

Q. Do you have it in stock?
Yes, we do have it in stock, otherwise it would be displaying "out of stock".

Q. How long does shipping takes to my country?
That entirely depends on the method of shipping you choose, please see shipping policy for details.

Q. Can I get a discount code as a new / returning customer?
We do not provide personal discounts to new or returning customers. If there is a promotion happening, this information can be seen in our blog post or Facebook page.

Q. Does standard port comes with the unit ?
All UW housings come with standard port by default. Please refer to "package includes" at the bottom of each product description to see what is included.

Q. Does it have warranty? 
All products purchased at our website have 1 year warranty.

Q. Can I purchase pistol grip for A6xxx Separately? 
The pistol grip can be purchased separately after we confirm your order details.

Q. What is the depth rating ?
Depth rating with standard port is 60m/195ft, with all other ports 40m/130ft.

Q. Can I pay with eCheque ? 
No, that is not possible. We only accept credit card or PayPal payment.

Q. What is the difference between A6XXXWPGDDP Unit for 592.00 $US and A6XXXWPGDDPDH Unit for 599.00 $US ?
The price difference comes from the additional 6" swap ring on the unit for 599.00 $US (This swap ring is used for surfing photography to reduce drag).