Why is it important to use original Sea Frogs silicone grease?

When selecting silicone grease for your underwater camera housing o-rings, it's crucial to prioritize compatibility with the materials used in your equipment. Using the wrong type of grease can lead to deterioration of the o-rings over time, potentially resulting in leaks and housing floods. To avoid such issues, it's recommended to use grease from the same brand as your gear. For example, Sea Frogs silicone grease should be used with Sea Frogs housings only, while Nauticam grease is ideal for Nauticam housings etc. This ensures that the composition of the grease is tailored to the specific materials of the o-rings, maintaining their integrity and preventing corrosion.

One common issue encountered by Sea Frogs customer support is difficulty in disconnecting the port/dome port from the housing, often caused by using thicker lubricants from other brands. In such scenarios, attempting to remove the port may lead to damage to either the port or the housing, especially after just a few days of use. To avoid such complications, it's strongly advised to use Sea Frogs brand silicone grease with our camera housings exclusively.

When applying grease to your o-rings, remember to use a very small amount. A thin, even layer is sufficient – just enough for the o-rings to shine, without any visible patches of grease. Over-lubricating can attract debris and potentially interfere with the sealing function of the o-rings.

As part of your housing kit, a 5 ml tube of Sea Frogs silicone grease is provided. Additionally, extra grease can be purchased separately to ensure you always have an adequate supply for maintenance and upkeep of your equipment.