Unlock New Depths: Extension Rings for Sea Frogs Dome Ports on sale now

Adapter extension rings for Sea Frogs dome ports of varying lengths allow you to use the same dome port with different-sized lenses. With their help, you can select an acceptable distance to the focus point in Dome specifically for your specific lens.

Using adapter extension rings with Sea Frogs dome ports can be a valuable tool for underwater photographers. These extension rings allow you to achieve the optimal distance between the dome port and your camera's lens to ensure sharp and distortion-free underwater images. Here's how they work:

Different-sized Lenses: Underwater photographers often use different lenses with varying sizes and focal lengths. To accommodate these different lenses, you can use adapter extension rings. These rings come in different lengths and can be added or removed to adjust the distance between the lens and the dome port.

Optimal Focus Point: Achieving the right distance between the dome port and the lens is crucial for capturing high-quality underwater photos. When you change your lens, you may need to adjust this distance to ensure that the lens's focus point matches the position of the virtual image formed by the dome port. This helps to eliminate distortion and maintain sharp focus.