Samyang 14mm f2.8 FE with Sea Frogs Water Housing for Sony A7RIII and 8" dry dome port


Wojciech Dopierala  /  Instagram: @woj.dop


I do freediving photography so it's very important to me to use the camera & housing which are comfortable to use and dive with, as my time to take the photo is more limited than for scuba divers. I really appreciate the low weight and small size of the housing. I could move very agilely in the water and I didn´t feel significant change compared to my previous m4/3 setup which is great.

The plastic doesn't give the feeling of security at the beginning, but it's just the first thought and I forgot about it very quickly. The vacuum check is a great thing to have, and together with the moisture detector makes me feel much better each time I enter into the water. The only downside is the necessity of removing the vacuum sensor unit before going to the water.

Buttons are well aligned and the knobs are working very well. It's a pity to not have the access to the front aperture wheel and joystick for AF points. In camera settings, there are custom buttons workarounds but it makes you slower during the work.

The 8-inch dome together with a short extension ring ( purchase here ) works well with Samyang 14mm F2.8 FE fits perfectly and stays well placed inside the dome, which makes it a perfect budget but high-quality setup for underwater wide-angle photography. The image quality while wide-open gives very soft corners, but it gets better while stopped down (normal behavior of wide-angle lenses in dome ports). Both underwater and split shots look good and I´m happy with the results.

In general, taking into account the price of this housing and dome (especially compared to the other brands) there is no room for complaints, it's fantastic to have such a possibility to use the camera safely underwater for such a low price.


Wojciech Dopierala.
  Instagram: @woj.dop